Welcome to IDE’s Advanced Course
on RO Water Treatment

Unfolding RO Desalination

We've lined up the industry's top water treatment experts to bring you up to speed on the latest RO technologies, optimization methods and best practices.

Starting from water chemistry to planning, designing and executing optimal desal facilities, our 7 session course will be packed full of insightful intel on the wonders of RO, and conclude with a private, guided tour in one of our largest and most advanced SWRO facilities.


Here's your chance to become the water pro in your organization:

You'll learn about:

  • The chemistry of water & main parameters for a desal facility design
  • Intake, outfall and marine works
  • Pretreatment 101
  • How to properly plan & design a desal facility
  • The basics of post-treatment
  • O&M of large-scale desal plants
  • Guided virtual tour of IDE’s facility in Hadera
Photo of Brian Halligan
Starts January 13th, 2021
11am (PST)

Dr. Iris Gutman - Expert Process Engineer

Jan 13th - The Chemistry of Water & Main Parameters for a Desal Facility Design


Jacky Ben Yaish - VP Engineering

Jan 20th - Intake, Outfall and Marine Works


Orly Lehmann Katan - RO Process Team Leader

Jan 27th - Pretreatment 101


Tovit Dobrin - Process Engineering Manager

Feb 3rd - How to Properly Plan & Design a Desal Facility

Itamar Hite

Itamar Hite - Process Engineering Team Leader

Feb 10th - The Basics of Post-Treatment


David Muhlgay - CEO at Omis Ltd

Feb 17th - O&M of Large-Scale Desal Plants


Yaron Egozy - CTO at the Hadera Desalination Plant

Feb 24th - Guided Tour of IDE’s Facility in Hadera